Please click on the symbol at the right (below on mobile)  to print a copy of the Guidelines. A printed and signed copy must be turned in to Dawn Mitchell or evan or kimberly rippee before a teen will be allowed to travel with the group.

       Remember: Your actions and interactions may be the only Bible some people ever read.

       Represent Christ well.

  1. You must show respect for and obey the adult chaperones.

  2. You must be on time for all activities.  Listen carefully to instructions about where to meet and when to meet with our group. When our group meets at a designated place, you must check in with your assigned chaperone.  You are expected to attend ALL planned WINTERFEST sessions.

  3. Do not lose your WINTERFEST badge/pass.  It will cost you $10.oo to purchase another one out of your money.  When you leave your room in the morning, be certain that you bring your WINTERFEST pass, your jacket, wallet or money, medications, or whatever you will need for the rest of the day.

  4. If you or another teenager get sick or injured, or if you have a problem, notify your assigned chaperone or Evan or Kim Rippee as soon as possible.  You will be given their phone number to contact them at the beginning of the trip.

  5. From 11:45 pm to 6:30 am, you must stay in your own hotel room.  However, hotel curfew will be observed – that means whatever time the hotel says we must be quiet, we will follow.

  6. Please do not bring things like weapons, tobacco, e-cigs or vape machines, or any media content that would not be deemed appropriate by the Youth Leaders. (Should you purchase any knives/prop weapons in Gatlinburg, they will be handed over to and held by Evan until we return home.) Please do not purchase any tobacco, e-cig, vape machine, or alcohol products for yourself or otherwise. Please be mindful of what media is viewed/listened to on the bus and in the hotel rooms on any device, personal or otherwise.

  7. You must tell your assigned chaperone where you will be if you leave your hotel room. No teen should leave the hotel room by themselves, or be in the room by themselves.

  8. When we leave the hotel at designated times, you MUST be in a group of AT LEAST THREE AT ALL TIMES. If  a chaperone sees you by yourself or just 2 together, you WILL  be staying with that chaperone until they allow you to go with another group!  THIS IS MANDATORY FOR YOUR SAFETY!! 

  9. During Free Time, 7th & 8th graders MUST be with an adult chaperone.

  10. You must follow any additional hotel rules or bus rules added at the time of departure.



Perents, please go over and discuss these guidelines with your teens to ensure they know them. Understand that if you child does not obey these rules, you will be contacted by phone, and you will be expected to pay any charges incurred sending your child home should the need arise. 

-Evan Rippee, Youth Minister